Equipment Loan Terms & Conditions

I undertake to treat any equipment I use with all due care and attention while it is in my keeping. I understand that I am responsible for loss, damage or theft of equipment while it is in my possession up to the value of £500, including repair and replacement charges. I accept that my access to the MRC may be restricted or revoked if I do not return equipment on time.

Full MRC terms of use can be found here.

Study Space & Computer Booking Terms & Conditions

I undertake to treat any equipment in study spaces with all due care and attention. I understand that I must not use spaces outside of any booked periods. Should I no longer require my booking I will ensure I cancel it in appropriate time for another student to make use of the space.

Failure to abide by the terms and conditions above may result in withdrawal of service.

smarthub terms and conditions of use
As a user of this system registered or otherwise you agree that if for any reason you are unable to use smarthub for the intended purpose then you will contact your store via telephone, email or in person to resolve the problem. Siso Software Limited are not responsible or liable in any way for any errors, damages or any other loss caused by your usage of this system. For the avoidance of doubt this includes any loss howsoever suffered including negligence or fraud except where such negligence causes death or personal injury.